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We provide a wide variety of student services support for current undergraduate and postgraduate by coursework (Master of International Business) Business students that range from course advice, course planning, unit enrolment, industry placement, international study tour and more, right up to course completion or graduation.


School of Business FAQs

You can view your exam timetable (approximately six weeks before the exam period begins) in WES and my.monash (through the Exam timetable tile).

You can check out all the timetable release dates on our exam dates page.

Yes, you sure can. Please email your completed course map to inquiries.malaysia@monash.edu and we will check it for you.

Sure, more information is available at Study Abroad.

More information on Summer School is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/business/current/summer

Kindly refer to the Principal Dates for Monash University Malaysia:



Please refer to the deadline and link to Monash Abroad Portal (MAP) are available on www.monash.edu.my/outbound-exchange

Yes, you sure can. Please check the Course or campus transfer website at https://www.monash.edu/admissions/study-options/internal-transfer

You can defer your intake by submitting an application for deferment form to our Admission Office. More information and application form is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/study/apply/defer-offer

You can revoke a credit by submitting a credit revoke application available at https://www.monash.edu.my/business/current/forms

Overloading is to enrol in more than the standard number of units in each year. It is usually limited to students who have:

  • completed 48 credit points in one calendar year
  • achieved a credit average or higher in the previous year

You may apply for an overload by filling in the overload form available at https://www.monash.edu.my/business/current/forms

You can discontinue your course by filling in the course discontinuation application available at https://www.monash.edu.my/student-services/student-admin/enrol-and-re-enrol/changing-your-enrolment/course-discontinuation

Congratulations on the completion of your course. Yes, you can fill in the course completion form available at https://www.monash.edu.my/business/current/forms

More information is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/study/apply/internal-course-transfer

The internal course transfer form is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/business/current/forms

More information on In-semester special consideration is available at https://www.monash.edu/exams/changes/special-consideration#tabs__541599

More information on end-of-semester exam special consideration is available at https://www.monash.edu/exams/changes/special-consideration#tabs__808156

The University recognises exceptions to the full time study load requirement on the grounds of compassionate and compelling circumstances, or implementation of an intervention strategy due to a risk of unsatisfactory academic progress. This includes:

  • If unit availability or course progression rules do not permit an enrolment in 24 credit points.
  • Due to course structure or progression rules or unit availability where enrolment in units with a value of 24 credit points is not possible
  • Students facing illness or exceptional personal circumstances
  • Final semester/year students who require less than 48 credit points to complete their course

The underload application form is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/business/current/forms

More information on Academic Safety Net guidelines is available at: https://www.monash.edu/exams/results/grading-update

Yes, the SFR grade is recognised by the professional accounting bodies.

More information on examination feedback is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/business/current/course-unit/examination-feedback

Yes, sure you can. The School activities for Orientation is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/study/apply/orientation

In response to continued concerns regarding COVID-19 situation here in Malaysia and internationally, we have decided that the study tour Dec2020/Jan2021 will be cancelled until further notice.

Yes, sure you can. More information is available at https://handbook.monash.edu/2021/courses/B2026

Yes, sure you can. More information is available at https://handbook.monash.edu/2021/courses/B2027

Yes, sure you can. Our prospectus is available here.

Yes, sure you can. Our prospectus is available here.

For more information, you may check here.

More information is available here.

Please find the Master of International Business course detail here.

This program offers a research pathway option that provides an alternative route for students from a coursework masters program into a PhD program. A research option is available with the permission of the course Director. Students enrolling in the research option will be required to complete, as part of the elective component, three units.

  • MGX5000 Introductory management research methods
  • MGX5901 Research report (Introduction)
  • MGX5900 Research report

Yes, sure you can. Our prospectus is available at the Business 2021 Course Guide.

More information is available at Postgraduate Study.

Internships: Student Letter & How to register

Yes. Accounting students are exempted from taking the Capstone unit in their final year. However, to fulfil the General Studies U4 requirement, they must pursue a non-credit internship and register the internship with the School of Business.

The Industry (Capstone) placement unit is the BEW3110 Work Experience Program. This is a Capstone unit for the BBusCOm program and is equivalent to 6 credits. This unit require students to pursue internships and complete graded assessments that contribute credit points towards their degree.

While non-credit internships do not require graded assessments and do not contribute credit points towards their degree. Students who successfully register their non-credit internships and volunteerism with the School of Business will receive a certificate of completion.

Follow the instructions on this website.

Follow the instructions on this website to register your internship. In the registration form, request for the Student Confirmation Letter. The letter will be issued within 2 working days upon submission of the registration form.

It will take the Education Office 2 working days to process the letter. The softcopy letter will be emailed to your student email address.

Yes. You must complete the registration form (uploading your internship offer letter). And submit your Intern Feedback form at the end of your internship.

Yes. International students can apply for internships and volunteerism at any time within the duration of their course. Once an international student completes their final semester they are not allowed to undertake internships. Internship opportunities for international students in Malaysia are competitive. To stand a better chance, we encourage students to start their search early and to apply to as many companies as possible.

Yes. Refer to the registration deadlines here.

Career Support by Monash Malaysia & School of Business

You can check the Monash Malaysia Career Services Facebook page for the latest career opportunities at this link.

Monash Malaysia Career Services website.

Do also check out the Career Gateway, a job portal for Monash students.

In addition, do check out these external sites:

  • Forage (formerly known as InsideSherpa)
  • WOBB
  • TalentBank
  • Graduan
  • Seeds Job Fair
  • Refer to the Career Services webpage here.

    Refer to the Career Services webpage here for the latest info on Career Fairs (updated closer to semester 1 or 2 dates).

    Refer to this guide on “How to write a resume?”

    Refer to this guide on “How to write a cover letter?”

    Contact Details

    Get In Touch


    Tel: +603-5514 5825

    Email: inquiries.malaysia@monash.edu


    Tel: +603 5514 6198

    Email: Mum.Mib@monash.edu

    For research courses, contact directly:

    Hons, PgDip and PhD:

    Email: rena.rebecca@monash.edu

    You can also call us on our general line at +603 5514 6000 from 9am to 5pm (Malaysia time) Monday to Friday, and our friendly staff will help connect you to the right person.


    Orientation Program


    21 Oct (Thu)12:00pm - 12:50pm SASS School Briefing: Welcome Message by the Head of School (Live)Zoom Linksass-dhesdip
    21 Oct (Thu)2:00pm - 3:00pmDHES: Get To Know Your Course (Live)Zoom Linksass-dhesdip
    21 Oct (Thu)12:00pm - 12:50pmSASS School Briefing: Welcome Message by the Head of School (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 2:30pmMeet the Majors: Communication (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 2:30pmMeet the Majors: Film, Television & Screen Studies (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 2:30pmMeet the Majors: Gender Studies (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 2:30pmMeet the Majors: Global Studies (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 2:30pmMeet the Majors: Public Relations (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 2:30pmMeet the Majors: Writing (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 2:30pmMeet the Majors: Psychology (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)2:45pm - 4:45pmSASS Ice Breaker – Get To Know Your Arts Representatives (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:00pm - 12:10pmWelcome Speech by Professor Andrew Walker (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:10pm - 12:40pmMeet Our Deputy Head of School (Education) (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:40pm - 1:40pmBusiness Parents Information Session (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)1:40pm - 2:40pmMeet Our BBusCom Course Director (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)2:40pm - 4:40pmCourse Advice Session With EMO (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)10:00am - 10:45amMajors Fair – Accountancy (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)10:45am - 11:15amMajors Fair – Banking and Financial Management (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)11:15am - 11:45amMajors Fair – Strategic Marketing (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)11:45am - 12:15pmMajors Fair – Business Analytics & Econometrics and Business Statistics (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)12:15pm - 12:45pmMajors Fair – Business Law and Taxation (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)1:00pm - 2:30pmLunch Break / Friday Prayerssob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)2:30pm - 3:00pmMajors Fair – Applied Economics (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)3:00pm - 3:30pmMajors Fair – International Business Management & Management (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)4:00pm - 5:00pmMUSA Get To Know Your Representatives (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)8:00pm - 10:00pmMingle Night Session (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:00pm - 12:05pmWelcoming Message by Head of School (Video Presentation) (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:05pm - 12:20pmBriefing on Safety by Laboratory Manager (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:20pm - 1:00pmBriefing by Head of Common Engineering (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)1:00pm - 1:30pmBriefing on Unit Enrolment by Senior Education Manager (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)1:30pm - 2:00pmQ&A Session (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)2:00pm - 2:20pmMeet Your MUSA Representatives (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)11:00am - 1:00pmMingle Sessions With Seniors (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:00pm - 12:05pmWelcoming Message by Head of School (Video Presentation) (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:05pm - 12:25pmQuality of Learning and Teaching (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:25 pm - 12:40pmBriefing on Safety (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:40pm - 1:20pmMeet Your Course Coordinators (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:40pm - 1:00pmA) Bachelor of Computer Science Course Coordinator (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)1:00pm - 1:20pmB) Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science Course Coordinator (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)1:20pm - 1:35pmQ & A Session (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)1:35pm - 1:55pmCourse Briefing (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)1:55pm - 2:10pmComputer Science in Monash – From the Alumni (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)2:10pm - 2:30pmMeet Your MUSA Representatives (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    22 Oct (Fri)12:00pm - 2:00pmHello Coders Onboarding Session (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:00 pm - 12:20pmWelcome Message By Head of School (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:20 pm - 12:40 pmJourney of Science (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:40 pm - 12:45 pmOnline Learning and Unit Expectations (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:45 pm - 12: 50 pmMoodle Tour (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)12:50 pm - 1:00 pmWelcome Message From Your Science Reps (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)3pm (2 hrs)Course Advice Session - Bachelor of Science (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)3pm (2 hrs)Course Advice Session - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    21 Oct (Thu)3pm (2 hrs)Course Advice Session - Bachelor of Food Science and Technology (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)4.00 pm - 6.00 pmMeet Your MUSA SOS Team! (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
    20 Oct (Wed)5:00pm - 6:30pmMUSA Psych Mingle Night (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)10:00am - 10:10amWelcome Address from the Head of Department (Live session) (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)10:10am - 11:00amCourse Coordinator Briefing & Q & A session (Live session) (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
    22 Oct (Fri)11:00am - 11:30pmBusiness School Briefing (Live session) (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
    20 Oct (Wed)1:15pm - 2:00pmIntroduction to MUSA (Live)Watch Recorded Videostudent-associations-musana
    20 Oct (Wed)4:00pm - 5:30pmInternational Student Briefing (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musana
    21 Oct (Thu)5:00pm - 7:00pmMUISS Orientation Game Night (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musana
    22 Oct (Fri)6:00pm - 8:00pmMUSA Buddy’s Programme: Orientation Edition (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musana
    22 Oct (Fri)11:00am - 2:00pmGraduate Research Student Induction October 2021 (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)11:15pm - 11:30pmWelcome Address Speech by Vice President (Research & Development) (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)11:30am - 11:40amWelcome Address by Chairman of Campus Graduate Research Committee (CGRC) (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)11:40am - 11:50amWelcome address by President of Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA) (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)11:50am - 12:05pmKahoot! (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)12:05pm - 12:20pmInfo Session by Library & Learning Commons (LLC) (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)12:20pm - 12:35pmInfo Session: Your Wellbeing, Meet Your Counsellors (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)12:35pm - 12:50pmInfo Session: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)12:50pm - 1:30pmInfo Session: Monash Graduate Association (MGA) & Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)1:30pm - 1:50pmInfo Session (only for International Students): Understanding Your Medical / Health Insurance and Student Pass, Student Advisory and Support, followed by Q&A (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana
    22 Oct (Fri)1:50pm - 2:00pmQ&A and Thank You Note From MUPA Committee (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-mupana