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The School of Pharmacy Course Management Office provides advice and guidance to undergraduate students in matters relating to course entry requirements and procedures, credit arrangements and process of selection; course/unit enrolment, withdrawals, enrolment amendment, timetabling matters; professional experiential placements; leave of absence; special considerations; matters related to examinations results; course completion; transfers and exchange; academic progress matters; student grievance procedures; and student discipline matters.



Kindly refer to the Pharmacy Course Guide online at https://www.monash.edu.my/study/why/brochures.

You can defer your commencement by submitting an application for deferment form to our Admissions Office. More information (and the application form) is available at https://www.monash.edu.my/study/apply/defer-offer

Kindly refer to the website on fee related matters: https://www.monash.edu.my/finance/fees

Kindly refer to the Pharmacy Course Guide online at https://www.monash.edu.my/study/why/brochures

Monash University offers one (1) intake per year only in February for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) degree. We need details of the completed year 12 results to assess your eligibility for admission.

You can apply online for the coming intake and submit the relevant documents for assessment.

There is no credit exemption given for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) course and you will have to commence from Year One.

Please refer to the website for more information regarding the English Language requirements: https://www.monash.edu.my/study/entry-requirements/english.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) program is accredited by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia and recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The program is also accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council.


Please refer to the website for more information regarding the scholarship and the application process: https://www.monash.edu.my/student-services/Financial-assistance/scholarships-and-study-loans

The Pharmacy Excellence Scholarship is only applicable for the new intake students (on a yearly basis). It is not applicable for current students.

Intercampus Transfer/ Exchange

Students with a minimum weighted average mark of 60% can apply to transfer to Australia, Parkville campus.

Students can apply for transfer after completion of year 1 or year 2. Transfer is not applicable for third year or fourth year students.

Please refer to the following website for more information on intercampus transfer: Pathways into our courses - Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Students can apply for global intercampus exchange (minimum WAM of 60%) to Parkville campus, Australia. The exchange program is only applicable for Year 2 Semester 2, and Year 3 Semester 1.

Only 5 slots are available each semester. Students will pay the usual tuition fee in Malaysia campus. Other costs for exchange, including travel, accommodation, cost of living will be borne by the students themselves.

Please refer to the following website for more information and the application process: https://www.monash.edu.my/study-abroad/outbound/intercampus-exchange

Placement/ Internships

If you transfer to Australia campus (1+3 or 2+2), you will need to complete an internship in Australia in order to be registered with the Pharmacy Board of Australia. If you complete all 4 years of the course in Malaysia campus, you will be required to undergo and complete a one-year training as a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP), then continue with one year of compulsory service as a Fully Registered Pharmacist (FRP) at the approved training premises.

You are encouraged to refer to the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia website for further information, as terms and conditions may change from time to time.

Students are required to apply for PRP (Provisionally Registered Pharmacist) training on their own.

Based on the latest requirement by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (PBM), students need to pass the qualifying exam before they register with PBM. The exam will be arranged with PBM and administered on campus (Monash Malaysia) once a year in the month of March. There is no exam fee incurred. The exam is conducted in English.


1. The exam is not part of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) course, so there will NOT be any lecture or class conducted for this.

2. If a student fails the qualifying exam, he/she is still eligible to graduate from the BPharm (Hons) course. They can arrange to sit for the qualifying exam with PBM. Students must pass the exam in order to be a fully registered pharmacist. The maximum number of times for re-sit is three (3).

Unfortunately, Singapore Pharmacy Board only accepts graduates who have completed the entire course duration (4 years) in the Australian campus of Monash University.

Students will be placed in different pharmacy settings for training. These include hospital placements, industrial placements as well as placements in community pharmacies.

Starting from Year 2, students are expected to have placements every semester and each placement duration is between one to four weeks, depending on the specific objectives of each placement. The placement sites where the students will be assigned during their placements duration will highly depend on the sites’ availability and capacity. The placements schedule is incorporated into their timetable, so it will not affect their on-campus classes. The placements will either take place during the semester or in the semester break period, depending on the program timetable. During the placements, students will have exposure to real-world professional practice and be guided by experienced practicing professionals.

Graduates will be able to find employment in the following sectors:

  • Hospitals (government or private)
  • Community pharmacies (such as Watson’s, Guardian, Caring)
  • Government, Ministry of Health (regulatory affairs officer, national pharmaceutical control bureau officer)
  • Pharmaceutical industries (such as Pfizer, GSK, Novartis, Roche, Hovid, CCM, Apex, Kotra Pharma, Pharmaniaga)
  • Academia and research

Other - Course Related

During the final exam, if calculator is permitted, it is strictly within these choices of calculators:

  • Casio FX82AU (any version)
  • Texas Instruments 30XB
  • Casio FX-570EX

Website reference: https://www.monash.edu/pharm/students/undergrad/academic-lifecycle/guidelines/calculator

As for the timetable allocations, students will be pre-grouped by School and you do not have to allocate your timetable. This is to avoid any clash in classes that may be conducted concurrently.

Please contact the respective unit coordinators for further assistance. You may obtain their contact details via the Monash Handbook.

Contact Details

Get In Touch

Tel: +603 5514 6317

Email: mum-cmo.pharmacy@monash.edu

You can also call us on our general line at +603 5514 6000 from 9am to 5pm (Malaysia time) Monday to Friday, and our friendly staff will help connect you to the right person.


Orientation Program

23 - 26 FebAll dayDHES BriefingWatch Videosass-dhesdip
23 - 26 FebAll dayDHES FAQsWatch Videosass-dhesdip
23 Feb (Tue)12.30pm - 1.30pmDHES: Get To Know Your Course (Live)Zoom Linksass-dhesdip
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 2.45pm Welcome Message by the Head of School (for DHES Arts Stream Only) (Live)Zoom Linksass-dhesdip
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 2.45pm Welcome Message by the Head of School (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1.30pm - 2.30pmMeet the Majors: Communication (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1.30pm - 2.30pmMeet the Majors: Global Studies (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1.30pm - 2.30pmMeet the Majors: Gender Studies (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1.30pm - 2.30pmMeet the Majors: Film, Television & Screen Studies (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1.30pm - 2.30pmMeet the Majors: Public Relations (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1.30pm - 2.30pmMeet the Majors: Writing (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1.30pm - 2.30pmMeet the Majors: Psychology (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)3pm - 5pmSASS Ice Breaker With Arts Representatives (Live)Zoom Linksass-ugug
23 - 26 FebAll dayWelcome Message by the Head of SchoolWatch Videosass-honsug
23 - 26 FebAll dayHonours Course BriefingWatch on Moodlesass-honsug
24 Feb (Wed)2.10pm - 3pmQ&A Session with Honours Course Coordinator (Live)
Note: Please watch the "Honours Course Briefing" video before this session.
Zoom Linksass-honsug
23 - 26 FebAll dayWelcome Message by the Head of SchoolWatch Videosass-pgpg
23 - 26 FebAll dayMCMS Course BriefingWatch Videosass-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)3.10pm - 3.40pmQ&A Session with MCMS Course Coordinator (Live)
Note: Please watch the "MCMS Course Briefing" video before this session.
Zoom Linksass-pgpg
23 Feb (Tue)12pm - 12.05pmWelcome Note From Head of School (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)12.05pm - 1pmMeet Our Deputy Head of School (Education) and BBusCom Course Director (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1pm - 2pmBusiness Parents Information Session (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 4pmCourse Advice Session With EMO (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)12pm -1pmMajors Fair – Accountancy (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1pm - 2pmMajors Fair – Banking and Financial Management (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)2pm - 3pmMajors Fair – Applied Economics (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)3pm - 4pmMajors Fair – Business Analytics & Econometrics and Business Statistics (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
25 Feb (Thu)1pm - 2pmMajors Fair – Business Law and Taxation (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
25 Feb (Thu)2pm - 3pmMajors Fair – Strategic Marketing (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
25 Feb (Thu)3pm - 4pmMajors Fair – International Business Management & Management (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
25 Feb (Thu)4.30pm - 6pmGet To Know Your Student Reps (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
25 Feb (Thu)8pm - 10pmSOB Mingle Night (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
26 Feb (Fri)2pm - 3.30pmMonash Responsibility Day (Live)Zoom Linksob-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 2.15pmWelcome Note From Head of School (Live)Zoom Linksob-mibpg
23 Feb (Tue)2.15pm - 2.35pmProgram Overview, Director, Master of International Business (Live)Zoom Linksob-mibpg
23 Feb (Tue)2.35pm - 2.55pmMIB Research Pathway Units by Dr Inam (Live)Zoom Linksob-mibpg
23 Feb (Tue)2.55pm - 3.10pmIntroduction to Master of International Business Program Committee (Live)Zoom Linksob-mibpg
23 Feb (Tue)3.10pm - 5pmMIB Course Advice (Live)Zoom Linksob-mibpg
23 Feb (Tue)12pm - 12.05pmWelcoming Message by Head of School (Video Presentation) (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)12.05pm - 12.50pmMeet Your First Year Course Coordinator (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)12.50pm - 1.30pmCourse Briefing on Unit Enrolment by Education Manager (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1.30pm - 1.45pmQ&A Session (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1.45pm - 2pmBriefing on Safety by Laboratory Manager (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 2.20pmMeet Your MUSA Representative (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)12pm - 1.30pmMingle Session With Seniors (Live)Zoom Linksoe-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)12pm - 12.10pmWelcoming Message by Head of School (Video Presentation) (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)12.10pm - 12.25pmBriefing on Safety (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)12.25pm - 12.45pmQuality of Learning and Teaching (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)12.45pm - 1.25pmMeet Your Course Coordinators (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)12.45pm - 1.25pmA) Bachelor of Computer Science Course Coordinator (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)12.45pm - 1.25pmB) Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science Course Coordinator (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)1.25pm - 1.35pmComputer Science in Monash – From the Alumni (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)1.35pm - 2pmComputer Science Course Briefing (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 2.15pmQ&A Session (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)2.15pm - 2.35pmMeet Your MUSA Representatives (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
25 Feb (Thu)11am - 3pmHello Coders – SOIT Mentorship Program (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-csug
23 Feb (Tue)10.30am - 10.40amWelcoming Message by Head of School (Video Presentation) (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-honsug
23 Feb (Tue)10.40am - 11amMeet Your Course Coordinator (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-honsug
23 Feb (Tue)11am - 11.15amBriefing on Safety (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-honsug
23 Feb (Tue)11.15am - 11.30amQ&A Session (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-honsug
25 Feb (Thu)11am - 3pmHello Coders – SOIT Mentorship Program (Live)Zoom Linksoit-ug-honsug
24 Feb (Wed)12pm - 12.10pmWelcoming Message by Head of School (Video Presentation) (Live)Zoom Linksoit-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)12.10pm - 12.30pmQuality of Learning and Teaching (Live)Zoom Linksoit-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)12.30pm - 12.50pmMeet Your Course Coordinator (Live)Zoom Linksoit-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)12.50pm - 1.10pmMaster of Business Information Systems Course Briefing (Live)Zoom Linksoit-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)1.10pm - 1.25pmBriefing on Safety (Live)Zoom Linksoit-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)1.25pm - 1.40pmQ&A Session (Live)Zoom Linksoit-pgpg
23 Feb (Tue)11amWelcome Message by Head of School (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)11amJourney of Science (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)11amWelcome Message From Your Science Reps (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1pm - 3pmCourse Advice Session – Bachelor of Science (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1pm - 3pmCourse Advice Session – Bachelor of Medical Bioscience (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1pm - 3pmCourse Advice Session – Bachelor of Food Science and Technology (Live)Zoom Linksos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)All dayOnline Learning and Unit ExpectationsWatch Videosos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)All dayMoodle TourWatch Videosos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)All dayLab TourWatch Videosos-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 2.15pmWelcome Session From Head of School, Professor Gan Siew HuaWatch Recordingsop-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2.15pm - 2.35pmMeet Your Deputy Head of Education, Dr Juman DujailiWatch Recordingsop-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2.35pm - 2.50pmIntroduction: PHR1021 by Dr Alice ChuahWatch Recordingsop-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2.50pm - 3.05pmIntroduction: PHR1031 by Dr Alan LeeWatch Recordingsop-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)3.05pm - 3.20pmIntroduction: PHR1011 by Ms ShazwaniWatch Recordingsop-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)3.20pm - 4.20pmIntroduction to PLP, DELA, SJS by A/Prof Shaun Lee, Dr Alice Chuah & Ms AmuthaWatch Recordingsop-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)2pm - 2.20pmIntroduction to School Education Management OfficeWatch Recordingsop-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)2.20pm - 4pmMeeting the Senior Students by MUSA & MUPhaSWatch Recordingsop-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)10.30am - 10.45amIntroduction to Curriculum (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)10.45am - 11.15amLay the First Stone / Warm-Up Activity (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)11.15am - 12.15pmOnline Learning Expectation (Ground Rules, Social Media Policy, Campus Virtual Tour, Different Learning Methods) (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)12.15pm - 1pmJoint Venture (Online Games) (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)1pm - 2pmLunch BreakN/Amhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)2pm - 3pmWelcome Message and Introduction to Medicine (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)3pm - 4pmWorking in Groups and Study Skills (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)4pm - 5pmSession by MGs (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
24 Feb (Wed)10.30am - 11.30amProfessional Behavior, Professional Communication (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
24 Feb (Wed)11.30am - 1pmPBL (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
24 Feb (Wed)1pm - 2.30pmLunch BreakN/Amhsp-mbbsug
24 Feb (Wed)2.30pm - 3pmIntroduction of IIT (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
24 Feb (Wed)3pm - 3.30pmMoodle Navigation (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
24 Feb (Wed)3.30pm - 3.45pmImportance of Feedback (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
24 Feb (Wed)3.45pm - 5pmSumming Up (Live)Zoom Linkmhsp-mbbsug
23 Feb (Tue)1pm - 1.10pmWelcome Address Head of School – Prof Shajahan Yasin (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1.10pm - 1.20pmWelcome Address Head of Department – Prof Elizabeth Jones (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)1.20pm - 2.30pmCourse Coordinator Briefing and Q&A Session – Dr Vanlal Thanzami (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
23 Feb (Tue)2.30pm - 3pmBusiness School Briefing (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-ugug
24 Feb (Wed)1pm - 1.10pmWelcome Address Head of School – Prof Shajahan Yasin (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)1.10pm - 1.20pmWelcome Address Head of Department – Prof Elizabeth Jones (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)1.20pm - 2pmCourse Coordinator Briefing and Q&A Session – Dr Tam Cai Lian (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)2pm - 2.30pmIce-Breaking Activities – Student Helpers (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)2.30pm - 3pmPracticum and Internship Briefing – Justin Yap Yee Aun (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)3pm - 3.30pmIntroduction to MoPC Academic Staff (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)3.30 pm - 4pmTeam Building Actitivies – Student Helpers (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
24 Feb (Wed)4pm - 4.30pmProfessional Development Activities – Dr Rachel Ting Sing Kiat (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-pgpg
22 Feb (Mon)1pm - 1.10pmWelcome Address Head of Department – Prof Elizabeth Jones (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-honsug
22 Feb (Mon)1.10pm - 2pmIntroduction to Psychology Honours – A/P Dr Shamsul Haque (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-honsug
22 Feb (Mon)2pm - 3pmLibrary Tutorial 1: Advanced Literature Search & Managing References With EndNote (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-honsug
22 Feb (Mon)3pm - 4pmOSH Processes and Risk Management Workshop (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-honsug
23 Feb (Tue)2.30pm - 3.30pmLibrary Tutorial 2: How To Write an Excellent Literature (Live)Zoom Linkmshp-psych-honsug
24 Feb (Wed)12pm - 1.30pmSchool of Engineering: Virtual Interaction Session (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
24 Feb (Wed)2pm - 4pmWelcome Event With School of Science Reps (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
24 Feb (Wed)3pm - 5pmIce Breakers With School of Arts & Social Sciences (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
25 Feb (Thu)12pm - 2pmHello Coders – SOIT Mentorship Program (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
25 Feb (Thu)1pm - 2.30pmSchool of Science Senior “Tips & Tricks” (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
25 Feb (Thu)6pm - 8pmMUISS Game Night (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musana
25 Feb (Thu)4.30pm - 6pmSchool of Business: Get To Know Your Student Reps (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
25 Feb (Thu)8pm - 10pmSchool of Business Mingle Night (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
25 Feb (Thu)8pm - 10.30pmPsychological Science Mingle Night (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
26 Feb (Fri)1pm - 2pmClubs & Societies and Monash Cup Information Session (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musana
26 Feb (Fri)4pm - 6pmMUSA Buddy Program (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musana
26 Feb (Fri)8pm - 10:30pmSchool of Medicine and Health Sciences: Medicine Mingle Night (Live)Zoom Linkstudent-associations-musamusa-ss
25 Feb (Thu)11.45am - 12pmRegistrationWatch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)12pm - 12.10pmWelcome to Monash MalaysiaWatch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)12.10pm - 12.20pmWelcome Address by Pro Vice-ChancellorWatch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)12.20pm - 12.30pmWelcome address by Director (Research Excellence Unit)Watch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)12.30pm - 12.40pmWelcome address by Chairman of Campus Graduate Research Committee (CGRC)Watch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)12.40pm - 12.50pmWelcome address by President of Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA)Watch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)12.50pm - 1.05pmKahoot!Watch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)1.05pm - 1.20pmInfo Session by Library & Learning Commons (LLC)Watch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)1.20pm - 1.35pmMeet Your Counsellors - Info Session about Your Well BeingWatch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)1.35pm - 1.50pmInfo Session about Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OSHE)Watch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)1.50pm - 2.30pmInfo Session by Monash Graduate Association (MGA) and Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO)Watch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana
25 Feb (Thu)2.30pm - 2.45pmInfo Session (only for International Students): Understanding Your Medical / Health Insurance and Student Pass, Student Advisory and Support, followed by Q&AWatch Recordingstudent-associations-mupana